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Workaround - working around impairment

This group aims to develop a technique – the workaround technique – that may slow down the cognitive decline as we age.

Several studies revealed that in bilingual people, the onset of dementia starts four or five years later compared to monolingual people. Does this mean that the majority of the British population is doomed for early mental decline (only 15% of UK citizens are bilingual)? Are 85% of the monolingual British seniors expected to learn a second language?

The workaround technique aims to overcome this by stimulating alternative means of communication that you may have but did not use it for same time. For example, mime or baby talk. If you refresh it, could you rely on it as a stepping stone to help you out with a word or a phrase when your daily language lets you down?


Fortnightly, day and time TBC

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Minimum 6, maximum 20

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