u3a - Extreme Crochet

Extreme Knitting and Crochet

Are you a crocheter or a knitter looking for a challenge? 

We are setting you challenges to inspire you to create something unusual. Where possible, we will be inviting you to workshops and sharing youtube clips to help you along the way. Then we will showcase your creations in our gallery here!

We want to see your most ambitious crochet creations and your most unusual knits. So feel free to send in photos of your miscellaneous items and we will do our best to showcase them here. 

If you are willing to teach your patterns to other members please let us know - do not worry about the technical considerations of teaching over Zoom or by video as we can help with that if needed. Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you missed the How to Crochet a Creature Workshop by Trust u3a Group Coordinator, Chris Winner, don't worry as you can find the pattern and tutorial to download here Crochet a Creature Tutorial (3.06 MB)

And watch the video of the tutorial here:

Please submit your extreme crochet entries via the online form.

And view these helpful videos & guides of Chris's previous workshops - 

How to Crochet a Christmas Tree 

How to Crochet a Star

How to Crochet a Flower

Please submit your photo on this online form: with some ideas or tips as to how people can incorporate some of the elements themselves. A selection of your images will go up regularly on our online gallery and on our social media channels. 

See some previous entries from members below:

Tracey Knight of Alton u3a

Tracey Knight of Alton u3a

I made a Destination Unknown shawl using 4ply yarn. I had intended to use a multicoloured yarn, but found the colour changes hid the texture of the stitches, so swapped to a single colour and used the multicoloured yarn as an accent.
The pattern is created by use of front and back post stitches and V stitches.

Rosie Legg of Hastings u3a

Rosie Legg of Hastings u3a

Made with patience and care

Caroline Miller of Ross on Wye u3a

Caroline Miller of Ross on Wye u3a

My Easter bonnet, complete with cherry blossom, easter chick, eggs and bunny, daffodils, tulips and snowdrops and leaves.

Jean Windsor of New Mills District u3a

Jean Windsor of New Mills District u3a

I used acrylic yarn, aran weight, and toy stuffing. I sewed the eyes but it is possible to buy ready-made. I purchased the pattern so it is not mine.

Jean Smylie

Jean Smylie

In small projects mainly from online 

Links to further previous submissions:


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