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Jacky Schiller

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My name is Jacky Schiller, formerly Bourne, a family name that had once been Baum before my father changed it.

My father, Sydney, bought 13-year-old Susanne to our small home in early 1939 when she arrived on the Kindertransport from Berlin. I was only 3 months old.

I was never aware that Susanne wasn’t really related to me until my teens, because she never talked to me about her family, obviously thinking she would be with them when the war ended. She started talking about her parents and experiences when we were both much older, and now when I talk about her I call her my sister, we go out together and are very close.

I was even her bridesmaid at her wedding.

Suzanne Wedding 1

Jacky (left) at Susanne's wedding, 1947

Susanne’s daughter, Caroline, once said publicly at a surprise party for my mother Golda’s birthday party “If it wasn’t for Sydney & Golda, none of us (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) would be alive today”

Suzanne Wedding 2

(Left to right) Golda, Susanne and Sydney at Susanne's wedding, 1947

I am full of admiration for my parents and other people like them.

I now have a wonderful 96-year-old friend & sister called Susanne Kenton.

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