u3a - Folk Dancing is Fun

Folk Dancing is Fun

Folk dancing

This is not a facile statement, it is an observation which I make every time I call for one of my u3a dance groups. How else do you explain the smiles on the faces of the dancers and the unmistakeable sounds of people enjoying themselves. Why does folk dancing, country dancing, barn dancing, call it what you like, have this effect?

Is it the MUSIC with its toe-tapping rhythms and traditional melodies?

Maybe it is the DANCES which have a great variety from graceful Jane Austen style to lively American Squares and everything in between.

The SOCIABLE nature of the dances certainly helps. In many of the dances you change partners. You do not need to come with a partner. U3A members are nothing if not friendly and like to dance with different people.

ANYONE CAN DO IT. You will not be put off by any fancy footwork. As long as you can walk in time to music you will cope.

u3a members enjoy having SOMETHING NEW TO LEARN. There always new moves and new dances to learn but there is a CALLER to guide you through.

It is of course, a mixture of all of these. I would like to quote one of the dancers in one of the photographs.

“Dancing keeps you fit in both mind and body, whilst having fun”.

Is there a u3a folk dance group near you? To find out google u3a regions. Click on your region then ‘members’. Click on any group near you. Click on ‘groups’ and find out whether a dance group is listed. As folk dance adviser I have been in contact with many dance leaders but I do not have an up to date list of all the dance groups.


There are two useful web sites which give instructions for dances. They are:

ottawaenglishdance.org and barndances.org.uk      

You can google the name of a dance and there is often a video or YouTube recording of the dance. There is a wide variation in the way these are danced and are not very typical of U3A groups.

More quotes from dancers:

“Dancing was a chance to meet up with other members for an afternoon of fun and laughter.”

“I enjoy dancing because of the fun and social interaction we have. It keeps me mentally and physically active”

“I enjoy it because of the happy atmosphere and if I go wrong it is part of the fun”.