24 Planning your u3a relaunch recruitment project

24 Planning your u3a relaunch recruitment project


24 Planning your u3a relaunch recruitment project

The purpose of the guide is to suggest how you can develop a simple and robust plan.

There are a million models of marketing plans out there but hardly any which are designed for the unique nature of u3as.

This guide is in a PowerPoint format in case you want to work through it as a group.

It covers the main elements of a marketing plan, without going into too much detail – too much analysis can lead to paralysis.

You will find some worked examples of a Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) analysis, analysis of your target audience, where to advertise, ideas for publicity, action log and planning.

The examples are only examples. As the world’s greatest experts on your own u3a, you will almost certainly produce better ones.

Some of this planning can be carried out by your recruitment team. You might want to involve your whole u3a in some aspects.

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