u3a - Tabula rasa

Tabula rasa

New is shiny. New is clean:

A tabula rasa – know what I mean?

Blameless at birth, with no knowledge of Fate,

The infant brain is an uninscribed slate.

The world looks exciting and all seems so new,

Yet it doesn’t take long to see that, for young you,

Every word has a meaning; you know what you like,

You chatter and toddle, and will soon ride a bike.

Yours is the future. There’s so much ahead

No wonder you’re quick to climb out of your bed!

Life is a challenge – please meet it head on

Your loving childhood soon will be gone.

The wide-eyed look you enjoy as a child

Shows you are curious rather than wild.

Be happy and kind; become thoughtful yet bolder

Let’s all seek the new, while we slowly grow older.