u3a - New Norm

New Norm 

New technology’s a wondrous thing;

it keeps our minds active, full of zip and of zing!

I email my friends and I virtually chat,

but sometimes it can leave you feeling quite flat.

Oh how we cheered as we began meeting in person –

buzz, nuance and badinage, even an excursion! 

Old friendships renewed, enhanced and enriched,

augmented by new bonds, just as we wished.

But ponder a while on the folk unconnected

who have in their isolation felt so often rejected.

Let us chat to a shopper, make smiling a habit

for a stranger who yearns for a friendly face on this planet –

not just a passing whim, but make kindness the new norm,

and guess what – society might eventually transform.

Will we miss being so virtual, will our loss be acute?

At least we’ll hear less of the dreaded UNMUTE!