u3a - World Cuisine's Cookery Challenge

Paella by Carmen Copley of Watford Park u3a

With international travel restricted for so long, we are inviting members to adventure across continents, without leaving the comfort of their own kitchen.

Calling on the specialist culinary skills of the u3a membership, we will be throwing a spotlight on different world cuisines - sharing recipes, tips, tricks and stories to get your tastebuds tingling.

We invite you to try the recommended recipes, in the hope that you will be transported by your tastebuds, that the flavours will incite fond memories or that you will have the excitement of trying something new.

If you have a passion for a particular cuisine, especially if you have family recipes or if you have lived in the country, let us know here.

We hope this challenge will inspire you to get cooking and bring hope for the future. What better way to celebrate the cultures of our world whilst we have to remain grounded? Food is a universal language after all!

East Africa

East African Recipes


French Recipes

India & Pakistan

Indian & Pakistani Recipes