u3a - Pets of the Furred Age

Do you have a pet of any kind that you would like to tell us about? We are inviting members to share photos and stories of their pets – whether mammals, birds, reptiles or fish. Tell us any interesting facts about your pet and share a photo via our online form.

Photos of members’ animals and creatures will be shared on this page along with tips and tricks on diet, exercise and caring for your furry, scaled or feathered friends. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis as we receive contributions from members.

Warsash u3a member Bob Duckmanton has shared some lovely pictures of his Irish Water Spaniel, Conor, to inspire others to join in.

 Bob D    Bob D 1   Bob3 

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Pets of the Furred Age 1

Update 1

A selection of some of the members' photos and stories received


Pets of the Furred Age 2

Update 2

More wonderful photos and stories from members featuring their pets

Pets of the Furred Age 3

Update 3

An update on members' pets featuring photos and stories