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The Lockdown Quizzes - A Round-Up

This is the 48th and final lockdown web quiz. In April 2020 Chris Wright, subject adviser for quizzes and murder mysteries, suggested putting some of his quizzes on the web to provide a bit of entertainment and distraction. We optimistically thought 6 weeks would be enough for the lockdown period! With the help of a small number of contributors, he has kept them going and they have proved very popular, with hundreds of downloads. We hope you have enjoyed having a go at them, a selection of all the quizzes created during lockdown are available to download below.

Answers to the latest quiz will be published next week. Find more information, including guidance on running quiz nights, on the u3a Subject Adviser for Quizzes webpage.

Please note that these quizzes are intended for the enjoyment of u3a members and are subject to copyright. Members are welcome to include them in u3a newsletters provided credit is given to the devisers, but for any other use or distribution please seek prior permission from Subject Adviser Chris Wright. There is further guidance on copyright on the u3a web in the ‘support for u3as’ section, under 'Keeping it Legal'

'Numbers Game' Quiz & Answers:

Numbers Game - Questions (130.7 KB)

Numbers Game - Answers (111.1 KB)

Previous quizzes and answers:

Garden Anagrams - Questions (66.21 KB)

Garden Anagrams - Answers (58.14 KB)

TV Memory Lane (101.93 KB)

TV Memory Lane - Answers (103.61 KB)

Out of Africa Quiz (122.36 KB)

Out of Africa Answers (125.49 KB)

Bird Spotting Quiz (83.46 KB)

Bird Spotting Answers (85.15 KB)

Food for Thought Quiz (98.41 KB)

Food for Thought Answers (103.84 KB)

French Connections Quiz (74.78 KB)

French Connections Answers (76.53 KB)

Origins of Words & Sayings Quiz (141.82 KB)

Origins of Words & Sayings Answers (155.46 KB)

Synonyms Quiz (122.58 KB)

Synonyms Answers (69.68 KB)

The 1980s Quiz (180.98 KB)

The 1980s Answers (187.23 KB)