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While several language groups are continuing to meet virtually during this period of lockdown, for those who have not started to use Skype, I attach advice from Kevin Safford , setting out how to set it up and some thoughts on how it has worked for his group.

If you are part of a beginners group and have been using Ruslan, don’t forget you can make use of the Cartoons on the website for revision of Ruslan 1.  The voices are different from the book and you can listen with and then without subtitles.

And there is plenty of Russian on YouTube, both serials from Russian TV and films.

Using Skype for your Russian Group  Using Skype for your Russian Group (89.1 KB)  

My role is to provide advice and support to anyone who is thinking of setting up or who is already running a Russian language group, and to provide an opportunity for sharing experiences of being part of a U3A Russian group. I have been enthusiastic about learning Russian since my schooldays and, after a long gap, I have been delighted to take it up again in retirement.

The newsletters below contain some suggestions from group leaders about materials – both online and textbooks – and some links to websites.  I also include some information on cultural events that are coming up. I am always happy to receive contributions or questions.

I do not hold a comprehensive list of all the Russian groups within the U3a, but I am pleased to hear from anyone who is looking for a group to join.

Newsletter U3A Russian Groups Newsletter (84.37 KB)  

Russian quiz - June 2020  Russian quiz - June 2020 (32.73 KB)