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What are Shared Learning Projects?

They are SHARED with an organisation outside the U3A or they are shared between 2 or more U3As – often a cluster of U3As in one area working together. Working with another organisation such as a Local Museum, Gallery, University, County Records Office or other institution, gets members out there working in their local community and showing what Third Agers can do. SLPs are excellent publicity for the U3A movement.

LEARNING - is what U3A is all about and SLPs are for people who want to learn more about a topic. This is often called enquiry led learning or active learning.  Many SLPs introduce people to the resources that can be used to find information. SLPs are wide ranging and can be about acquiring practical skills as well as the more academic. They often provide members with their first experience of doing research.

They are short term pieces of work called PROJECTS because they have a definite beginning and ending, last from 3 months up to a year and usually result in a display of the work, or a talk or a publication of some kind. They should always be listed on the U3A Research Database and anyone wishing to get ideas should look at this first.

Please contact me for more information if you are thinking of starting  a SLP.

Other resources

The U3A Research Network brings together U3A volunteers, advice and various resources to support a wide range of additional research/enquiry-led learning opportunities throughout the U3A.

'Getting Involved in Research'  Research Guide (2.04 MB)

Shared Learning Projects Ideas and Examples (411.71 KB)

Sources Online hosts many articles on previous research and Shared Learning Projects carried out by U3A groups.

Sources Archive