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Hello! Thank you for visiting this page, the home of Magic within the U3A. My name is Mac Mckechnie, and I co-ordinate the Magic Group in Barnsley and District U3A, in South Yorkshire, and I am also the U3A Subject Adviser on Magic, which I know sounds a bit “Harry Potterish” but it’s not really meant to.

It’s difficult to talk about Magic in detail, because of the very sensitive secretive nature of what Magic is all about, All Magicians have their own code of conduct regarding divulging the workings of how we seem to make the impossible possible, and exposure of these skills is considered to be a pretty serious thing in the magic world. I considered this seriously when starting our U3A group in Barnsley, but decided that as long as prospective members affirm that they will not divulge magical things outside of the group, (unless to other magicians) then it would be ok, as in effect a U3A Magic Group comes under the status of a “Magic Club, or Circle” in its own right. And we have never had a problem.

I personally became a magician back in the late 1980’s, and was self employed entertainer for 7.5 years, working in some big and small venues, retiring from Magic about 10 years ago, but slowly being pulled out of magical retirement to do the odd gig here and there, mainly for charity.

Magic is a wonderful hobby, very suitable for women as well as men, from having an interest in learning a few simple “tricks” to amaze Grandchildren, to learning a routine suitable to present on stage.

My aim is to provide support and assistance to any U3A wishing to set up their own Magic Group. Let’s have a conversation!

Barnsley U3A Magic Group 

I will give regular updates on here, as and when anything develops in due course.

Mac McKechnie
Magic Subject Adviser
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 Magic at The Civic, Barnsley with Magic Mac at the Love Later Life Event