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I am an amateur historian and, as well as sitting History exams at LSE for my degree, I established London Walks in the early 1970s. I still conduct Historic London Walks for a number of U3As and give lectures on various aspects of the History of London. More generally, I have studied European and American History for 50 years. In April 2010 I set up Barnet U3A's History of Britain Group. We decided to study British History chronologically - from the Bronze Age to the present. To date we have reached the Tudors. We have also presented a Study Day on "The Normans"."   Having set up Barnet's first History of Britain Group, and in my capacity as Co-Chair of Barnet U3A, I have advised members setting up four more History Groups and four London History/Walks groups during the last two years. The three other History Groups have approached their studies in a number of ways - European History/Specific aspects of British History (e.g. Industrial Revolution/Civil War/The Victorians, etc). Since becoming a Subject Adviser for British History in April 2012 I have advised, once a month on average, new history groups in U3As around the country.

As Subject Adviser I am willing to provide help to any U3A groups exploring these areas of British History. 

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