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Cycling is a wonderful way to socialise, keep fit and meet new friends.  You will probably find new routes, see things you miss whilst travelling by car and enjoy areas you might not walk too.

I am involved in cycling outside the u3a movement, with BikeAbility training & Ride Leading, but we continue to learn from each other.

Getting a group started in a u3a is quite simple if you follow a few basic steps and encourage people within your u3a to contribute to the group activities.

The document u3a Cycling -Start up Guidance  sets out a few ideas to consider when looking to start a cycling group in your u3a.  It is a broad outline of ideas, but if there is anything further you would like to discuss please contact me.

There is a u3a Cycling Network that you may consider joining.  The aim of the network is to bring together u3a members & cycling groups from across the UK to share ideas, routes and experiences to help everyone enjoy their cycling.

A regular Newsletter and Zoom sessions are planned where members can discuss their enjoyment of cycling and share ideas, experiences, routes and events.  Any u3a member who enjoys cycling is encouraged to join the mailing list to receive the newsletter and invitations to events & discussions.  Join the Networks Facebook Group to share ideas, pictures, stories and comments about u3a cycling.

Key is Cycling is fun and should be available to all who wish to participate.

Please email any questions.  I’ll do my best to answer them.

If you are interested in joining the u3a Cycling Network please follow the link to find out more and join.