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Neil first became interested in Ancient Egypt in 1986 during a business trip to Cairo. Since then he has made over 40 visits to Egypt, the most recent being in December 2019.

He has successfully completed nine continuing education courses at Liverpool University covering various aspects of Egyptology.

He is a member of The Egyptian Exploration Society, and a Friend of the Petrie Museum and was a founder member of Horus Egyptology Society in Wigan, one of the largest and most successful Ancient Egypt societies in the UK. He has supported the Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Project at Kom el-Hetan for over ten years.

He leads and lectures at Upholland and District u3a Egyptology Group and has run residential Egyptology courses for u3a members. He has also led Six u3a study trips to Egypt.

His talks are intended to be accessible to those with no prior knowledge of Egyptology.

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Up Coming Talks:

Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Monday 12th April at 2.00pm

There were hundreds of deities in Ancient Egypt.  In this talk, we will look at Egyptian creation myths and the function and roles of some of the most important Gods and Goddesses. Book via the online events page

Previous Talks:

Pit Graves to Pyramids, Monday 14th December at 2:00pm

In this talk, we look at burial rituals in ancient Egypt from the earliest pit graves in pre-dynastic times through to the magnificent pyramids of the Old Kingdom and   beyond. We will consider how and why pyramids were constructed.

 Rock Cut Tombs in The Valley of the Kings, Monday 11th January at 2:00pm

By the time of Egypt’s New kingdom, the pharaohs are buried in tombs cut into the hillside of a valley in the Theban Massif near Luxor. We will look at the design of   these tombs, how they were constructed and the people who built them,

 An Introduction to Temples in Ancient Egypt, Monday 8th February at 2:00pm

 Other Talks to be confirmed from the following list can be booked on the events page

  •  A Timeline for Ancient Egypt
  • Early Explorers in Egypt - from antiquity to 1800*
  • Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
  • An Introduction to Hieroglyphs
  • Counting the Years: The Ancient Egyptian Calendar
  • Ancient Egyptian Games, Sports and Pastimes
  • Guardians of the Gods – The clergy in Ancient Egypt
  • The Assyrians in Egypt
  • Women in Ancient Egypt
  • The Rise of the New Kingdom
  • The Fall of the New Kingdom
  • The Temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu
  • The Temple of Hathor at Dendera
  • A Trip Through Luxor Temple
  • Pottery in Ancient Egypt
  • Stone Cutting in Ancient Egypt
  • Medicine in Ancient Egypt
  • Egypt and Israel – A Comparative Timeline
  • Egypt After the Pharaohs
  • “We Three Kings” – Egypt’s 11th Dynasty
  • The Life and Times of Khasekhemwy, Pharaoh of the 2nd Dynasty
  • The City in Ancient Egypt
  • A Tale of Two Cities - Pe and Nekhen
  • Karnak Temple
  • The Temple on Thoth Hill
  • Egyptology in New York
  • The Egyptology Collection in Berlin Museum
  • Visiting Ancient Egyptian Sites (three lectures)
  • TT55 - The Tomb of the Vizier Ramose
  • KV57 – The Tomb of the Pharaoh Horemheb
  • Thutmose III and Hatshepsut

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