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Folk Dance - Barn, English and Scottish

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I started Calling in 1967 at School when the teacher behind with her marking, then my big break was running our Playfordgroup( dances 1600-1900) for 3 months whilst our leader when to visit his son in Malawi and set up the Library service

Later on in life I called at several EFDSS (english folk dance and song society) affiliated Clubs covering WIltshire,Bristol,Somerset and Devon,

I am a life Member of the society and have caller insurance with them, I took up Scottish Dancing in 1967

I run Weston-s-mare folk dance group.

occassionally I sometimes get invited to Call for the odd Barn Dance.

At folk festivals I try and dance as much American Contra and Squares as I can.



American Square

American Contra's

NH Country Dance  

Country dance and song society USA


Additional resource 

The supplier I use the most as they have a lot of 2nd hand stock given to them when a lot of callers retire and depending on the state of the book to the price. you only get charged cost of items and cost of postage only.


Ian Ludbrook FD

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