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Starting a Genealogy Group

The aim of the group must be to advise group members on where the records exist; how to get access to them at a price they can afford, with the information needed for a successful family history search, and in order that members can go online at home or in their local library to research their family’s past.

The group leader/organiser need not be an ‘expert’, but aside from a certain amount of experience in researching their own family, it is impossible for one person to know all the possibilities but with my help, once started, each member of the group will soon be able to follow their own line of research.

You may be interested in a series of GENEALOGY Research Guidance Notes available from the subject adviser, just email your requests.

As I have mentioned, no group leader can hope to know everything that their members will want to know. Many leaders, although quite happy to organise a venue, and dates & times for the group to meet, are not happy to find themselves ‘tutoring’ the group with full responsibility to look up all the information for every meeting so, it’s possible to shed the load and I am available with advise.


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