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One does not need to be either an historian or a German reader to successfully run a U3A course on German history. All that is required is enthusiasm! It helps, of course, to have access to the internet, Power Point Presentations and a certain degree of organisation. The other secret of success, in my opinion, is to involve in and delegate to presenting members of the group. As the groups are fairly small and most people know one another, this is not intimidating.

Lewes u3a has run in consecutive years the following groups:

  • The German Democratic Republic - a failed experiment?
  • Modernity and the Weimar Republic
  • The First Unification of Germany
  • The Habsburgs and their Legacy
  • Europe’s Tragedy- The Thirty Years War
  • Prussia’s Legacy

The history of the Third Reich being well known, I have not yet proposed covering this in Lewes. A binary title or question makes for more interest.

I would suggest that the prospective group leader(s) compile a multi-media source list, many digital sources being free, and a flexible provisional programme to circulate to their u3a members and at the first session (having previously nabbed someone to prepare and speak) put the provisional programme to the group and invite/nominate volunteers to present at the following sessions. One 5 session course is enough, fortnightly allows time for preparation. Each course is a one off non-repeated activity and we run one course per year. We have met live, online and hybrid. Currently we are meeting live with one member joining us online from Germany.

Happy to provide any advice by initially contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good Luck with your course! 

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