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I have been a jazz lover for about 60 years, starting I suppose with the Manchester University Jazz Appreciation Group.  It was in Manchester that I began to enjoy meeting jazz musicians, going to jazz clubs and arranging lunch-time sessions in the University Union.  I very soon discovered that my talents did not stretch to playing jazz but it didn't stop my enthusiasm for the music.  For many years, the organizing part of being a jazz fan gave way to simply enjoying the music, on records, tapes and CDs plus listening to the radio, and occasional live events.

It was the u3a that gave my jazz loving some impetus some 12 years ago.  It was soon that I began to lead the Fleet u3a  Jazz Appreciation group (the JAG). The JAG now meets every two weeks in a local church when we regularly attract more than 40 members. We invite professionsl jazz musicians to the JAG; they tell us about their lives in music, and play a bit.  These events attract 50 or more.  Listing the musicians -- over 25 of them -- would take too much space.  I also played a part in setting up Fleet Jazz Club which successfully restarted after Lockdown; the most recent gig was the Nigel Price Quartet which attracted 115 people. 

Michael Rance 

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