Subject Advice

Modern Languages - Focus on Italian

Contact the adviser - Heather Westrup

If you are looking for general advice about joining a language group, setting one up, gathering some new ideas for existing groups at any level or if you simply want to be in touch with other language groups you have come to the right page. There are now six language advisers, Sylvia Duffy deals with French, Alastair Sharp with German ,Trevor Davies with Latin, Geoff Phoneix with Portuguese , Cher Palmer with Welsh and Sandra Dean with Spanish So you can go back and find them under their individual subjects.

Heather Westrup deals with all Modern Languages with a focus on Italian. With her wealth of experience as a Subject Adviser, she can help with a range of questions you may have. Do get in touch even if you do not see your language above. 


Many of the Subject Advisers have language newsletters , if you want to be sure of receiving these contact a language adviser or dowanload form their webpage. We like to include news about your group, how you learn, what activities you do and any ideas or information you can offer to others, to this  contact the relevant Subject Adviser. In addition, your region and or u3a network may also organise study days  and Summer Schools for group leaders and members. 

Various leaflets are available. You can download them below or contact a language adviser. 

(A) Start-up Leaflet   (A) Start up (16.02 KB)

(B) Finding a Language Group    (B) Finding a language group (117 KB)

(C) General Guide to language learning materials   (C) General Guide to language learning materials (49 KB)

(D) European language levels CEFR   (D) European language levels CEFR (166.5 KB)

(E) Ideas for conversation groups   (E) Ideas for conversation groups (145.5 KB)

(F) A guide to books and materials for Italian   (F) A guide to books and materials for Italian (64.5 KB)

(G) A guide to Spanish learning materials   (G) A guide to Spanish learning materials (129.54 KB)

(H) Coping with mixed ability    (H) Coping with mixed ability (15.94 KB)

 (I)Spice up your Language Zoom


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