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So Why New Age Kurling? A very Good Question, which I am very pleased to answer.

So Why New Age Kurling? A very Good Question, which I am very pleased to answer.

But first, I am indebted to Michael Perry of Bridlington u3a, without who’s help I would never have got involved earlier this year 2023. Michael is the guru of u3a New Age Kurling, and has been invaluable in getting me started.

So why do we need a subject advisor? Simply I think to broaden awareness of New Age Kurling, for the absolute wonderful sport it is, and so well suited to u3a profile groups.

As for me? I suppose I am better known within the u3a organisation as the originator, and then subject advisor for Walking Cricket. Alas, mobility issues have meant I can no longer play walking Cricket, so I have handed over the reins to a very competent friend from Wakefield u3a.

There are so many positives to Kurling, it is a sport accessible for all. Gentle exercise every week, and a chance to play in a small team against others , brings so many social benefits as well as we gather for our tea/coffee and cake! Which are an integral part of our meetings eve-ry week. Located elsewhere on this subject advisors page are rules, details about the GBKA (Great British Kurling Association) and an idea of how to play the game. - The internet plays a part, a google search of New age Kurling, or just Kurling, will bring up much to see.

The downside is the cost of initial equipment, a set of “stones” costs in excess of £300.00, but once that obstacle has been overcome you are ready to go, and second hand stones can often be obtained at a reasonable price from the well known auction sites!

On this page I have shown several photo’s for example this October, I was privileged to take two teams of four players to the National GBKA Championships in Bridlington, where we came away clutching medals and trophy’s, so there is a competitive side to the sport as well, just contact me for details.- In fact contact me for anything Kurling related, and I will be glad to help.

I am not sure where all the u3a New Age Kurling groups are, but there are certainly groups in Bridlington, Sheffield, Scarboroug,Barnsley, and Washington (way up North), if anyone knows of any more can they please contact me. - Thanks Everyone,

New Age Kurling Rules : Game Basics

KurlingRules2014v23 (278.3 KB)

Kurling Scorecards (149.58 KB)

Lane List July 2023 (156.27 KB)

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