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Hello! Thank you for visiting this page, the home of Walking Cricket within the U3A. My Name is Mac McKechnie, and I co-ordinate Walking Cricket in Barnsley U3A. And I am also the U3A Adviser on Walking Cricket.

Walking cricket aims to create an interesting sport that improves fitness, and enables participants to have fun as part of a team experience. I extend a warm welcome to all members of the BU3A to consider creating groups within your U3A’s, and enjoy some stimulating exercise as part of a team once every week or fortnight.

This is an all year-round sport, and the only current team within the U3A is one which I set up in Barnsley in Yorkshire. We played our first match in January 2019, and from there we are building a foundation which will allow us to explore possibilities with any other Walking Cricket teams in the area. There must be many retired men out there in particular who were never really into football, but remember with fondness playing cricket. Likewise, many retired ladies who don’t fancy chasing a football, but who will remember with fondness the rounders games of their youth. Mixed walking cricket is a more relaxed, yet still a powerful team game that helps to recreate some of those past sporting activities and memories.

My aim is to provide support and assistance to any U3A wishing to set up their own cricket groups. - Lets have a conversation! Below you will find links to a youtube video, and a presentation I have prepared in PDF format. Please have a good look, and get in contact.

Rules_for_social walking_Cricket_2021 as of September 2021,  joint statement with Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and the u3a. 

Walking Cricket - Youtube

U3a Cricket Presentation November 2021  

U3A Cricket Presentation November 2019   U3A Cricket Presentation November 2019 (4.12 MB)

Walking Cricket - BBC Radio Sheffield (starts at 1:44:30)

I will give regular updates on here, as and when anything develops in due course.

Mac McKechnie
Walking Cricket Subject Adviser
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Newsletter - June 2019  Newsletter - June 2019 (331.44 KB)

Newsletter Supplement 1 - June 2019  Newsletter Supplement 1 - June 2019 (838.15 KB)

Newsletter Supplement 2 - June 2019  Newsletter Supplement 2 - June 2019 (450.59 KB)

Newsletter Supplement 3 - June 2019  Newsletter Supplement 3 - June 2019 (1.47 MB)