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Walking Netball

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What is Walking Netball?

A slower and gentler form of this popular sport. Ideal for u3a members who wish to get back into exercise. It can be played either indoors or outdoors.

How does Walking Netball differ from the regular game?

  • The rules of regular netball have been adapted to meet the needs of older players, including those who may be recovering from injury or surgery.
  • No running or jumping allowed.
  • The ball can be held for up to 4 seconds before passing.
  • One extra step is allowed after catching the ball.

What are the benefits of Walking Netball?

  • Improved fitness and mobility.
  • As a team sport it offers social contact and a sense of belonging to a group.
  • Improved physical and mental health.
  • Allows players recovering from injury to participate in a gentler game.
  • Easy to learn – based on the game many people will have played at school, with some minor adaptations
  • It’s good fun!

What is a Walking Netball session like?

 A session will typically begin with a warm up, followed by drills practising a particular skill (such as passing or shooting). Then there will be a game, ending with a series of stretches. At the end of the session there may be an opportunity for a hot drink and a chat.

  • Each session is led by a walking netball ‘host’.
  • There will be lots of laughter.

Where can I find out more about Walking Netball? An introduction to WN from Netball England.

The role of the Walking Netball host:


Contact your local Regional Development Officer at England Netball:

England Netball has a network of local development officers who can offer support and advice for anyone looking to set up a new group, including providing ‘host’ training.

Setting up a Walking Netball Group for your u3a

What equipment will we need to get started?

Balls, two sets of bibs, whistle, set of marker cones for training. Your u3a may be able to help you with the costs of starting a new group by providing a start up grant to cover some of these costs.

Other costs: First Aid training.



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