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Wine Appreciation

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 My name is John Scottow. My role is to help anyone who is thinking about setting up new groups and to support existing group leaders. I have run two wine appreciation groups for my u3a since 2018 and so I have experience of setting up new groups. Before that I have presented many wine tastings to various groups. Do contact me if you encounter problems or if something has gone well and you would like to share this with other groups. Many u3as have successful wine appreciation groups and there are many different ways of running groups. You will find some ideas in the guidance document that you can view or download. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

A fascinating topic providing lots of opportunities for:-

  • research, presentations and even conviviality
  • learning about grapes, wines, regions, countries and methods of production
  • gaining confidence in buying and ordering wines
  • knowing what to drink with what and when

Wine Appreciation Guidance   Wine Appreciation Guidance (128.77 KB)