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My Background

I got started with yoga when I moved to a new job and new home in the Stirling area in my early twenties. As I didn’t know anyone, some colleagues kindly invited my to join them for their weekly yoga class. Since then I was hooked and following subsequent house and job moves, always sought out a local yoga class. Finally, in my ‘3rd age’ I decided to study for Yoga Scotland’s 2 year training programme and have recently completed the British Wheel of Yoga’s Level 4 NVQ in ‘Gentle Years Yoga.’

Yoga is for everyone, whatever their ‘life stage’ and prior knowledge

Some u3as may have a member( s) who has a recognised yoga qualification and is happy to share experience and practice with a local group. For those u3as who don’t - the subject adviser can support a group in finding resources, safe practice and general guidelines for practising together.

As well as gaining the benefits of improvements in health and well-being, practising together can be sociable and a lot of fun for an enthusiastic group.

How I can help you

I am fairly new to the role, and hope to build on the excellent support previously provided by Peter Burton. Members who have an existing group or are thinking of starting a new one are welcome to contact me by email. As I get more familiar with the role, my intention would be to offer a series of online workshops suitable for the varied yoga group profiles within the u3a. For example, for those starting a new group from scratch, those who need support for an established group and ‘peer group’ sessions for those who are practising teachers to share knowledge and experience. I’d like to set up a forum where questions and information can be posted to share amongst the u3a yoga community. 


What is Yoga?

Yoga has been around more than 2000 years, initially as a method for spiritual development only practiced by men.  The Asana (postures / poses) that most people think of as 'Yoga' today have only been around for 100s of years. Since its beginnings yoga has developed into many branches, schools, styles and current western practice emphasises the physical, emotional, wellbeing and fitness benefits.  With more than a thousand UK yoga teachers, yoga is taught in many different ways and with different emphasis. Different u3a yoga groups may offer quite different yoga experiences

Some benefits of practicing Yoga:

  • Yoga can feel liberating and exhilarating. As we connect with the pulse of life we experience a quickening rather than a lessening and we can enjoy more freedom of movement, openness in our joints and strength and flexibility in our muscles than we had in our younger years
  • Yoga can help us explore and appreciate our physicality while continuing to grow and develop
  • Yoga promotes Strength, Suppleness and Stamina together with general health and wellbeing. Regular yoga practice helps us Relax, Restore and Revitalise
  • Yoga works with our bodies, minds and emotions , bringing balance and equilibrium into our lives
  • Yoga's’ balanced, sequential and progressive movements and postures (forward bends, backbends, twists, balances – lying down, sitting standing and inversions) can be used for a safe full body ‘workout’   

Welcome to the u3a Yoga Space

These pages are intended as a shared resource for all Yoga group coordinators and participants out together by former Yoga Subject Adviser Peter Burton. 

If you are thinking about setting up a new u3a yoga group we hope you will find some of the documents especially useful.

u3a members Liz and Nancy have recorded one of their events where they talk us through a seated yoga session.  Watch this on the u3a YouTube channel. 

Yoga Events 

How to plan a Balanced Yoga practice - Wednesday December 13th  11-1pm   Join us

Join me and other Yoga group leaders on this practical and interactive session.

Yoga subject Surgery 7th November 2023 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Yoga subject Surgery and for contributing suggestions and ideas to share. Here are the key points which were discussed in terms of ongoing support. I look forward to seeing you in December  . The summary of Discussion and Notes 

  Guidance Notes from YOGA SUBJECT SURGERY 071123 (23.51 KB)

 Yoga Documents for you to download:

u3a Yoga General Information and Advice about Practicing 2023 

Resources and Books u3a Yoga Nov2023 (20.43 KB)

u3a Yoga Yoga without a Yoga Qualified Member 2023 (136.9 KB)

Teaching yoga to third agers / how we age – for U3A Yoga Teachers (595.41 KB)

Yoga books - recommendations for the third age (110.54 KB)

Some yoga resources recommended by u3a group leaders and teachers (134.42 KB)

Safe and Easy Yoga Home Practice Programme (861.7 KB)



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