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Welcome to the U3A yoga page

This page is intended as a shared resource for all yoga group coordinators and participants.
You are welcome to contact me (using the details below or the form above) with any ideas, tips, suggestions and additional documents to help promote safe and appropriate yoga within the U3A.

If you are thinking about setting up a new U3A yoga group I hope you will find some of the documents especially useful.

Finally please do get in touch to share your experiences, stories and photos to add to this site.

A little about me:

As a teacher, trainer, coach and yoga student I have been practicing Yoga for more than twenty years after taking it up to help address a knee injury (marathons) hamstring injuries and a shoulder strain (overzealous circuit training/gym).

  • I have practiced many yoga styles over the years e.g. Hatha, Scaravelli, Iyengar, Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, with a wide range of teachers.
  • In my 60s I qualified as a ‘Vinyasa’ Flow Yoga teacher and continue to study / update my teaching. I am registered / insured through Yoga Alliance Professionals UK (YAP) as a professional yoga teacher.
  • I am group coordinator / teach twice weekly Yoga4thethirdage classes for my local U3A in Sussex.
  • I have a private yoga teaching practice, specialising in teaching people with health conditions and in recovery.
  • I have run Teacher Training for other yoga teachers who want to ensure that their teaching is safe and suitable for older people (see document link below)
  • Although I teach Chair Yoga 1:2:1 for the less physically able, I do not run chair yoga classes for the U3A. I run classes for people who are still able to sit on the floor and get up from the floor without assistance. My classes are always tailored according to the people who attend.
  • For the last four years I have been part of the team engaged in the planning and organisation of the annual 2 day Brighton Yoga Festival.

My role as subject adviser

I see my ongoing focus as Subject Advisor Yoga as to encourage the creation of Yoga groups in the U3A and to support existing groups. I would like to make Yoga accessible to every U3A member, especially those who might not usually consider it - people who might not feel they have the right body type or who feel prevented from taking part because of injuries or health conditions.


Yoga Documents for you to download:

a) My Introduction to yoga and general advice on third age yoga
b) New yoga groups without a qualified teacher - guidance
c) Sample Health Questionnaire
d) Teaching yoga to third agers / how we age – for U3A Yoga Teachers
e) Yoga books - recommendations for the third age
f) Yoga Apps
g) U3A Yoga in lockdown


U3A Yoga Newsletter August 2020

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Mobile: 07885907662

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