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National Research Subcommittee (NRSC)

The NRSC is a sub-committee of the Trust’s National Executive Committee, responsible for coordinating advice and support for research in the U3A nationally.

Terms of Reference - NRSC ToR New  - NRSC ToR New (126.97 KB)

In addition to the NRSC, the Research Network comprises a national team of Research Ambassadors and Shared Learning Project Coordinators who promote and support enquiry-led learning at region/network level. Some U3As also have their own Research Co-ordinators who help to develop research opportunities and specific projects locally.

The NRSC is seeking to develop the Research Network team and provides team members with information and training. If you are interested in becoming a Research Ambassador or SLP Coordinator, please contact the relevant Subject Adviser.

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Role Description: Research Ambassador   Role Description: Research Ambassador (161.37 KB)

Role Description: National Coordinator   U3A-KMS-FRM-004 Membership Application Form Sample (30.99 KB)

Subject Advisers

If you are looking for information and advice, we suggest you start by consulting the relevant Subject Advisers. Here you will find advice on Shared Learning Projects and other types of Research. The Subject Advisers will be able to put you in touch with the nearest appropriate member of the Research Network to provide you with more specific advice and support.


Approved July 2019 by the Board of Directors
U3As will consider approaches from universities in medical research projects and health institutions seeking participants in medical research projects where participants are offered an opportunity to learn through their involvement, are fully aware of the process and are given feedback at the end of the project on its results. We do not support medical research projects seeking subjects where there is no participative involvement or element of learning and will not circulate or otherwise promote requests for subjects in those circumstances.
Projects which involve investigations which are unpleasant and may give the subject some discomfort such as MRI or lumbar will require strong justification before U3A approval is granted.