u3a - Poetry Competition 2020 - Should I?

Should I?

Should I take up the gym – or stick with the gin
Appreciate art that is fine – or another large wine
Should I do what I ought and take up a new sport
Or should I just sit here all day?
Sewing or stitching – new skills in the kitchen
Yoga, tai chi – or a Long Island Tea
Poetry, prose – an allotment that grows
Or should I just quietly stay?
Italian, Spanish or French? (so much choice one might quench)
All those verbs to rehearse – one could drum up a thirst
Walking or hiking – jogging or biking
Should I stop putting off from today?
Train my dog that’s too frisky – or a single malt whiskey
DIY skills (so handy), or a cognac or brandy
Ballroom Latin or Jive – whilst I am still alive
I should make sure I join u3a. …….hic!