u3a university of the third age news education workshop 2U3A volunteers with an interest in education have come together to look at innovative ways to progress the movement’s learning ethos.

Members discussed fresh ways of embedding the movement’s peer to peer learning model; ways of enabling members who can’t get to U3A meetings to still take part in learning and put forward ideas on how the U3As can use technology more effectively for collaborative online learning.

Last month, over 50 U3A members responded to a call from the national U3A standing committee for education (SCE) for volunteers to help take forward the movement’s learning ethos.

Chief Executive Samantha Mauger said, “The day was very productive and thank you to all our volunteers who were very engaged in the future of U3A education.  Our volunteers’ response has been so strong that we are looking to establish 2 to 3 working groups who can help progress these ideas though to the end.”