U3A Trustees Week 

This week is Trustees Week, a week celebrating Trustees and the crucial role they play in charities.

To celebrate, we’ll be doing posts on our social media showcasing the amazing work that Trustees do on every level, from those sitting on the committee of their local U3A to those working on a regional and national level.

U3A has over 10, 000 trustees – all of whom willingly volunteer their time to help improve U3A.

Ian McCannah, Chair of U3A, said, ‘U3A would not exist without its trustees. They uphold the charity commissions rules, organise the monthly meetings, run the finances and make sure their U3As remain vibrant and continue to grow. At national level the board of directors is made up of trustees who are elected from the regions and from the whole membership.

‘All our trustees ensure good governance, drive strategy and engender innovation - and we literally couldn't do it without them.
‘From my experience I know being a trustee is rewarding, challenging and believe it or not, - really good fun. It's about giving something back to U3A and helping shape it for the future. I really encourage members to get involved with their committees and I want to thank our many trustees for their loyalty, hard work and commitment. It is very appreciated.’

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