u3a - Heswall u3a ukelele group play together on Twitch

Heswall u3a’s ukulele group has been playing together on the livestreaming platform, Twitch.

Twitch allows users to broadcast their activity live by sharing their screen with subscribers. For Heswall u3a’s Ukelele group, it’s been a great way to continue connecting with each other.

u3a members continue to use digital platforms, including Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet and social media to keep learning and stay connected.

Dave Jones, the group convenor, says ‘The emphasis for us has been to retain a sense of community and embrace new skills but of course have fun doing so.

'It is an absolute pleasure to be involved with such a bunch of talented and dedicated people who willingly throw themselves in to whatever I ask them to do.’

Dave is also happy to help other u3a members use Twitch. Find out more on the group's website.

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