u3a - u3a members walk a mile and smile

u3a members have been taking part in walking challenges.

Cirencester u3a took part in a ‘Walk a Mile and Smile’ challenge during the November lockdown and walked 2, 850 miles in a month.

Vice-Chair Anne Vardy used Google Maps and walking trails to create a virtual journey for Cirencester u3a members. Each member recieved updates of their virtual journey and a weekly letter was sent to all members describing the routes, sites of interest, nature reserves and even the weather at the time to follow the virtual journey. 

Anne said, ‘The enthusiasm and joy with which miles were walked was inspiring and other members, who were not able to take part, cheered from the sidelines. As a learning project it was wonderful because we all learnt so much about our own country through the virtual route - and of course about Cirencester with our actual walking.’

Similarly, Maghull & Lydiate u3a formed a Walk or Mile group in July to encourage those who had been shielding to get out and walk. In September, the group decided to challenge themselves 1,000 miles by the end of the month and then decided to extend this to 5,000 miles by the end of November.

Read the full story on Sources, https://sources.u3a.org.uk/2021/02/17/walking-5000-miles-in-three-months/

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Photo credit: taken by Cirencester u3a member on walk