u3a - Keeping U3A Members Updated

We are working very hard to keep our members reglarly updated on the latest Government and NHS guidance on Covid-19 pandemic as it relates to U3A.

We recently (31 July) issued the revised guidance in a mailing to U3A committees  for dissemination to their members.

The latest update highlights the need to remain vigilant and review local lockdown regulations to determine whether this guidance still applies in your area. 

The Third Age Trust Advice Manager, Jane Bailey said, "The road ahead during this transition phase towards coming out of lockdown is clearly going to be complex and will require us to watch for any changes that occur.

"At this time we need to take measures to plan for the future easing of restrictions while remaining cautious and not taking unnecessary risks."

As U3A members, you can find this updated guidance as it relates to U3A behind your members' login here