u3a - Bird Watch - an update 6

We were interested to read recently that Artificial Intelligence models have been developed to identify individual birds without tagging which will help to identify the many different species of birds. U3A members have, however, been doing a fantastic job using their own knowledge in recognising the birds around them during this time period.

Peter, Petersfield U3A, spotted this grey wagtail which had just fledged from the nest.


Liz from Hertford U3A has seen this nuthatch in her garden a few times and was delighted to be honoured with its presence.

This goldfinch paid a visit to Helen from Turriff and District U3A’s garden:

May, Hamilton and District U3A saw a mother woodpecker feeding her young. May has had regular visits from adult woodpeckers for some time but this is the first time they have had the young birds. They visit about 3 times a day.

Bruce Evans, Stone (Staffs) & District U3A was sitting in his armchair by the 'french windows' one day early in the lockdown period and realised that there were a great many birds using their fairly small garden.

Growing up in London, Robert, Arun U3A, has never been a big fan of the pigeon but this one sitting out in the rain on Saturday looked so soggy that he felt sorry for it!