u3a - u3a radio podcast is launched

You can now tune in to hear our first ever u3a radio podcast which will be broadcast via our youtube channel.

This first pilot we hope will develop into a series of broadcasts featuring contributions from group leaders and key figures in the u3a movement and will explore the theme of u3a Looking Forward. 

Listen on our youtube channel now

Our youtube link can be shared with friends and colleagues across the movement. 

The u3a Radio podcast series showcases every part of the movement from members, interest group leaders, Trustees, national volunteers and Subject Advisers. 

We are incredibly grateful to the fantastic member volunteers from our radio working group who have dedicated so much time and energy to this initial broadcast and have already started devising the second. 

Peter Clift, Chair, Witney u3a

Peter worked on local radio 50 years ago, BBC Radio Blackburn, as it was then.
After university, where he studied drama, Peter went into teaching for ten years. He continued his interest in radio and did some more odd work on local radio but joined the local hospital radio station in Oxford. He’s been a disc jockey, read the news, done talk shows and written and produced programmes.

Ela Watts, Grantham u3a

Ela is a local radio presenter and started broadcasting in 2003. Ela is currently with Gravity FM which is Grantham’s local radio station but has also presented regular shows with Radio Belvoir, Boundary Sound and Priory FM. She has also had the occasional guest spot on BBC Radio Nottingham and RTE.

Ela enjoys all sorts of broadcast experience from weekday shows (breakfast, drive time etc) to specialist shows for specific music choices and themes. Ela has found that one of the benefits of community radio is the opportunity to try everything - scripts, choosing music, editing, producing, recording, presenting, interviewing, fundraising, research, outside broadcasts, and providing technical support, weather and traffic reports.

Nick Bailey, Looe u3a

Nick is the vice chairman of the Looe u3a but until 2017 he was a regular presenter on Classic FM having launched the station in 1992. Find out more on his website at nickbaileyradio.com. Nick featured a U3A podcast called A Life Well Lived talking about his time on Radio Caroline, and last October he gave a talk at his local U3A called From Radio Caroline to Classic FM to coincide with the publication of his book called Across the Waves.