u3a - Ideas to Keep Learning 20

Continuing our series which shares great ideas and suggestions to help you keep active, keep connected and keep learning.

Wine quiz

 Denis O’Shea of Broxbourne U3A Wine Appreciation Group currently runs a wine quiz via Zoom on their regular monthly meeting nights and now, with the help of members, they take it in turns to arrange 20 questions per session. Their first session was in May and October 2020 will be their sixth monthly quiz.

Time is limited by the 40 minute Zoom availability but they always seem to have time for a chat by the end of the questions. With current restrictions the group will continue with Zoom sessions until they can all safely meet again.

A few of the group have tested some wines from Spain, and made recommendations to the rest of the group and followers.

Photoshop Ideas to Keep Learning

Picture courtesy of Denis O’Shea


Watercolour tutorials

Tony Burke, Huddersfield U3A, has run a watercolour class for many years but in March it was cut short. He undertook to complete the course, for those that were interested, via YouTube and has just posted lesson number 26. Tony is really happy to share these with U3A members across the movement.

They are really great tutorials to follow, watch them here.