u3a - Artificial Intelligence – An Online Learning Talk

Artificial Intelligence – An Online Learning Talk

  • Published : 13 July 2022
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Artificial intelligence robot hand touching human hand

Every month, there are a huge range of online learning events for u3a members. 

These are hosted throughout the month, and at the beginning of July we were delighted to welcome back National Subject Advisor for Science Leigh for a talk about Artificial Intelligence.

Over the course of the session, Leigh took us through what’s behind AI, the risks of AI and the possible benefits.

We heard about the history of Artificial Intelligence, starting with the mathematician Alan Turing and neurologist Grey Walter, all the way through to the present day. Leigh went on to discuss how AI compares to the human brain and the different approaches to AI around the world today.

The audience of over 100 people was incredibly engaged, and questions from audience members included discussions around the economic impact of AI, issues to do with sentience, and whether or not AI will be the next stage of evolution.

You can download the presentation using the button below.

AI Talk Presentation Notes (1.32 MB)

See more about Leigh on the Science Subject Advice page.

If you're interested in Science, join us for our 40th Anniversary Science Network meeting on Tuesday 26 July at 10.30am – 3.30pm. There will be three presentations followed by a Q&A after each, with a break for refreshments and lunch. Sign up on the online events pagewhere you can find detail about other member-led online talks.