u3a - Birdwatch Final Update

Birdwatch Final Update

  • Published : 24 March 2022
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Birdwatch, a learning initiative encouraging members to spot and record sightings of birds within their gardens, had an incredible response from u3a members. This final update is filled with the sightings over the Winter months, which despite the cold, saw interesting birds visiting members. 

Tony from Hitchin u3a birding group visited Lemsford Springs Nature Reserve near Welwyn Garden City. The reserve is one of the best locations in the UK for watching Green Sandpipers. This photo of a Green Sandpiper was taken during Tony’s visit.

grey bird with white belly standing in a lake

David, Aylsham and District u3a, started work to turn over the soil, to tidy up after having a new fence installed. A robin appeared and was happy to search for food remarkably close to where he was working.

a robin with bright orange breast standing on soil
 Robert, Arun West u3a, put a new roof on the birdfeeder and got his first customer. It was the first time that he had seen a blackbird that knew how to get at the hanging feeder.

A blackbird on a hanging bird feederA blackbird eating from a hanging birdfeeder

A white pheasant in the bushes across the road from Spire u3a member Terry’s house. Terry could hear guns all day so he thinks the pheasant was possibly hiding from the shoot. It appears they may be bred specifically for pheasant shoot areas.
A white pheasant with red patch around its eye peaking out from bushes

Having removed a dead pigeon from his garden two hours earlier, Barnsley u3a member Mac spotted this magnificent fed-up looking Sparrow Hawk, obviously wondering where its dinner had gone!

 A sparrow hawk standing on a bin

The Birdwatch initiative has now finished after two years - all of the previous sightings can be seen on our learning news pages.

Keep photographing the wildlife and birds around you as as a new initiative looking at all forms of wildlife will be available on our learning pages soon. 

Mary Gibbons is our Birdwatching subject adviser for the u3a movement, Mary has a lot of information on her Subject Adviser page to help with this and can help with any individual enquiries.