u3a - Diary Project - Living History

Diary Project - Living History

  • Published : 27 March 2020
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The Diary Project was started to capture the experiences of u3a members living through an unprecedented period due to the coronavirus. The situation impacted on people in lots of different ways, and we wanted to hear your experiences, thoughts and reflections on how it affected you, both on a practical and on a psychological level. 

The Diary Project closed to submissions on 31st July, but it lives on. u3a is proud to have partnered with the Mass Observations Archive (MOA) to ensure we make the most of each valuable contribution. The MOA has stored each diary entry and made them available publicly to researchers and future historians looking to learn and write about these times using real-life accounts. You may be aware of the MOA from the social research they conducted from 1937 – 1950, capturing the thoughts and opinions of those who lived during WW2, so it is very special that u3a members had the opportunity to add their words to such an important database.

We are now showcasing a selection of extracts in a Diary Book, chapters included in the book are; Family, Food, Health, Occupations, Society, Nature and Future. The aim is to show how the pandemic has affected third agers across four months of lockdown. 

You can purchase a copy of the Diary Book for £10 on the u3a brand centre

Part 2 of the diary was produced in 2021, and is available as a free download.

Many thanks for sharing your stories with us. 

You can read submissions to the diary project below and via our Learning blog – Sources Online 

Week One

23rd - 29th March

Week Two

30th March – 5th April

Week Three

6th – 12th April

Week Four

13th – 19th April

Week Five

20th – 26th April

Week Six

27th April – 3rd May

Week Seven

4th – 10th May

Week Eight

11th - 17th May

Week Nine

18th - 24th May

Week Ten

25th - 31st May

Week Eleven

1st - 7th June

Week Twelve

8th - 14th June

Week Thirteen

15th - 21st June

Week Fourteen

22nd - 28th June

Week Fifteen

29th June - 5th July


Week Sixteen

6th - 12th July

Week Seventeen

13th - 19th July

Week Eighteen

20th - 26th July

Week Nineteen

27th - 31st July