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Ideas to keep learning - 4 and How to Guides

Published : 28 March 2020 Views: 6056

Thank you to our members for continuing to share your great examples of staying in touch with each other – using digital and other ways to stay connected. 

National office has produced a set of How to Guides on how to use digital platforms like Zoom.  We also have links on how to Stay In Touch during these times and useful contacts for the latest advice on coronavirus.  You can also find those links at the bottom of this page.

Here are some more ideas on ways to keep in touch and keep learning:

 Show and tell online

Every object has a story behind it and even the most mundane objects can have more history than we ever imagined. Share the stories behind your souvenirs from travels or the memories objects evoke for you. It’s a great way to get to know people!

Online Meditation group

Mindfulness is so important at times of stress and easy to share online- we are working with the Subject Adviser for Mindfulness to bring you a series of Mindfulness sessions - so watch this space.

Virtual wine tasting

Does your wine have ‘tawny notes’ and a ‘fruity personality’? Share your thoughts and observations on your nights in and learn about wines from all over the world through video sharing with your group members. 

Online craft sessions

Crafts such as knitting and crochet can be therapeutic and really good for conversation. Share your creative tips and the finished product with others online to get inspiration.

Keep the good news coming

With so much fear and bad news at the moment it can be easy to forget the good news stories and all the hope in the world. Create an online message board or group hangout where people can add good news stories to lift each other. 

Learn sign language

Find a friend who has sign language skills and ask them to teach you online. Or British Sign has an online course – 

Gardening and flower arranging

Now that spring is on the way there are so many beautiful blooms and plants to share online with photos. You can use all sorts of household objects such as tea pots and old crockery to make a colourful display for the home. 

Virtual pub quiz

Pubs are a no go area at the moment but you can still put your trivia cap on and write your own pub quiz style questions to share via Zoom. Or use SurveyMonkey to send the quiz to members.


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