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Ideas to Keep Learning - 6

Published : 16 April 2020 Views: 4092

Continuing our series which shares great ideas and the latest ideas and suggestions to help you keep active, keep connected and keep learning.


Write and record your poetry

Express your creativity and share your thoughts with members through poetry. Video yourself reading your words and share with other members through social media platforms such as Youtube. 

World Book Night

World book night UK is going ahead on 23 April so you can join in the national celebration of reading. Download an audio book from your local library or dig out your old favourite from the bookshelf and share what you’re reading with fellow members online. 

Make your own cards

Friends and family will still have birthdays despite coronavirus and now, more than ever, they will appreciate a card from you, especially if it’s homemade. Use sequins, glitter or cut up pieces from magazines to make a collage.

Have a reading facetime

No doubt the younger members of your family have a long list of books they need to read for school. Why not do it together over facetime? Read to each other and share the thoughts on your books.

Take virtual tours of our historic buildings and landmarks

Many of the places you would like to visit, now it’s spring, are currently shut but you can still tour them virtually. Check out your local places of interest to see what’s on offer or browse some of the London landmarks for ideas. 

Garden virtual tours

Kew Gardens is just one example of gardens that are doing a virtual tour to allow visitors to see the beautiful changes in the 320-acre jewel without having to leave the safety of their own homes. Visit their website and click Read and Watch, scroll down and click on a video of your choice.


Want a change from knitting? Try your hand at its lesser-known cousin, macramé. You use knotting techniques on textiles to turn them into beautiful decorations or interior items, like plant-hangers, for instance. Share what you’ve made.

Learn First Aid

Health and safety is at the front of our minds at the moment and there are many courses online to teach you all the things you thought you didn’t have time to learn. Try the Red Cross website for useful information. 

Tai Chi

This 5 minutes a day online course is a great start to learning the tai chi movements gradually. 

A room with a view

People all over the world are sharing the view from their window as we all find ourselves cocooned indoors. Share these on facebook or via what’s app with your groups. 

King Lear Prizes

King Lear Prizes is a new national creative arts competition for over 70s stuck at home because of coronavirus. Find put abiu the categories and submit your entry here:

Plant a time capsule

Collate pictures, diaries and other objects made during this interim period and make a time capsule then plant it under a new tree on U3A Day.



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