u3a - Kindertransport Event: Conversations with Esther Rantzen

Kindertransport Event: Conversations with Esther Rantzen

  • Published : 07 December 2021
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On Thursday 2 December, National Kindertransport Day, u3a hosted an online event commemorating the Kindertransport, which brought across around 10,000 children refugees to the UK.

Dame Esther Rantzen interviewed u3a members about their experiences which ranged from those whose relatives had played an active role in supporting the scheme in the UK, to members who came to UK as part of the Kindertransport.

Amongst those interviewed were Susanne and Jacky, who became friends after Jacky's family hosted Susanne. Susanne said of Jacky's parents, 'people like that should be remembered' whilst Jacky said, 'Our families have been together all of Susanne's life - and the whole of my life. I always say Susanne is my "sister."'

Prior to members sharing their personal experiences, Arun East u3a member Steve shared his research into the Kindertransport, explaining the bigger picture. Steve is the co-ordinator of the project.

Read more members' experiences as part of our Kindertransport Memories project.

We've shared an interview between Dame Esther Rantzen and Chorleywood u3a member Fred, who travelled to the UK as part of the Kindertransport. Watch it on our YouTube channel now.

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Photo: Walter Fulop's boarding pass, shared by his daughter, Hullbridge u3a member Ruth