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Members of Ilkley U3A help sew scrubs for GPs

Published : 28 April 2020 Views: 3109

U3A members in Ikley have joined a local effort to help create new scrubs for NHS workers during the Covid-19 pandemic and were featured on BBC Newsnight this month.

People in Ilkley formed a sewing team – to help create scrubs for GPs who usually wear their own clothes but need extra protection in the current circumstances.

Ilkley and District U3A member Barbara Bullock joined the sewing team – which has a number of U3A members - after seeing a call-out for volunteers. 

Former Home Economics teacher, Barbara had already started making masks for people in the local area so making scrubs was a natural progression. 

Barbara who makes a set of scrubs a day, said, “I thought that is was something I could do and I had the time. It’s good to feel useful and that you’ve got something to do and some way you can help.

"I think a lot of the U3A members are really enjoying it. I’m enjoying it. It’s given us something to do, it’s given us a purpose and we feel as if we are helping”.

The sewing team has created 300 scrubs and are now providing scrubs and bags for care-workers.

Are you or members of your local U3A involved in making scrubs or masks? We’d love to hear about it. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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