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Our Creative U3A Members

  • Published : 10 April 2020
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Bill Jeffries, a member of Bicester U3A, has been using our member only Keeping In Touch Facebook group as a way to share his photographic experiments.

Bill first posted photos of flowers against a black backdrop, demonstrating indoor photography, before trying to capture things in motion, such as an orange hitting a glass or lego being broken. The posts have inspired other U3A members to try photographic experiments.


Bill Jeffries said, "I have always enjoyed photography. As the current climate has rendered most of us house-bound, I started thinking about how to keep occupied. As well as my ukulele group, photography is my other passion.’ In doing his own experiments, Bill demonstrated how great photographs don’t need dark-rooms, fancy equipment or even to leave the house.

"The benefit for me it to understand my camera and controls, thinking about what I want to achieve before taking the shot and then seeing how the shot can be improved. When thinking about these projects it makes you look at all aspects including backgrounds, composition, horizons.

"I have many other ideas in mind for future projects like Light painting, light trails, understanding simple depth of field (aperture priority), bubbles, reflections and so on".

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