u3a - Upcycling Day - your stories

Upcycling Day - your stories

  • Published : 24 June 2020
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For Upcycling Day, 24 June, we asked U3A members to share the things they have transformed.
Lockdown has given many people extra time to consider how they can breathe new life into things they already own. 


Marion from Castle Bromwich U3A turned an old waterproof jacket into a bag for her son’s bike in which he can carry his sleeping bag.

Shirley and David from Marple Bridge and Mellor U3A also caught the upcycling bug. In a lockdown clear out they found a pair of old step ladders. They decided to use them to display planters in the garden, cutting them in half and replacing the steps with the shelves of an old bookcase to make them wide enough to hold the plants.

When Alan, Northampton U3A, was given leather from on an old sofa, he used it to make a clutch bag, purse and key fob.

Meanwhile Trust U3A member Jan, upcycled her old furniture by covering the seats in fabric and painting them white.

Have you upcycled anything recently, or do you belong to a U3A Upcycling Group? We’d love to hear about it – email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.