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Yoga Guidance and Advice

  • Published : 09 April 2020
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Our Yoga Subject Adviser – Peter Burton and a fellow U3A member Fran Ritson, who is also a qualified yoga teacher, have put together comprehensive resources to support you with your practice during this time.

All ages and abilities can benefit from Yoga. Chair Yoga is an option where needed or preferred.

 The meaning of Yoga is ‘unity - join or bring together’ - an awareness of mind, body and spirit - not in a religious way. Trying to bring balance into our lives to bring more calm and happiness and to enjoy good health. Yoga is a practice; one which can be a complete way of life or it can be something you enjoy just on a physical level to strengthen, tone and maintain flexibility. Physical fitness supports the systems of the body and the mind, to enable the whole to function more efficiently. 

Our Yoga Subject Adviser Peter Burton has a huge amount of guidance on his page to support you with your own yoga practice and to help start up and maintain interest groups. 

For the latest Yoga exercises and advice:

We also hope to bring you further content in due course so please keep checking back to this page.

Please note

Yoga is best done on an empty stomach. So try to allow an hour and a half without food or drink before practicing Yoga. Drink plenty of water afterwards.

As with all yoga poses this is best practiced the first time under the guidance (albeit remotely) of a qualified teacher and should not be practiced if you have serious eye problems, such as glaucoma or serious neck / back problems.