u3a - Your Photos from the Great U3A Birdwatch

Your Photos from the Great U3A Birdwatch

  • Published : 14 April 2020
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More fantastic photos are coming in from U3A members who are helping keep track of our garden birds.

Provided by the British Trust for Ornithology, BirdWatch is a scheme that encourages observers to manage their own personal records and contribute data to BTO science; supporting species conservation on local, regional, national and international scales.


This has been a great opportunity for you to share your photographs you have managed to take of your feathered visitors.

Thank you for all your beautiful photos - especially to Carolyn Clarke - Haxby & Wigginton U3A and Denham Mather - Edinburgh U3A (birds inset below) and Geoff Rands - Maidstone U3A - main picture - pigeons.

We will publish a selection of these sightings and photos on our website so please keep sending in your photos - fill in our online form to record them.

You can find out more from Mary Gibbons our Birdwatching subject adviserfor the U3A movement, Mary has a lot of information on her Subject Adviser page to help with this and can help with any individual enquiries.

Look out for more bird pictures on our twitter accounts @U3A_UK  @MagU3a