Future Lives

Future Lives is a UK-wide u3a group which shares information and resources to inspire, influence and inform members about how we can improve our future lives.   
How can we add life to our years, and maintain our independence and quality of life for as long as possible?

The u3a Future Lives Group is run by u3a members across the country. We aim to challenge attitudes and break down physical barriers that limit and restrict people as they get older.  

What can we do to improve unsuitable homes or products, isolation and poor health? Good design can be liberating – and the reverse is true! Let’s use our collective voice to bring about change. 

Credit: Centre for Ageing Better

We want to hear what u3a members have to say, sharing information and stimulating ideas that will help us all live our best possible future lives. 

  • We’re holding a series of free online events that we’d love you to join. 
  • Please also complete the "Our homes for our future" questionnaire. You can find more information on this page.
  • To stay up to date with Future Lives’ activities, please sign up to our newsletter.

Online Events Coming Up

Upgrade Your Brain: Dementia-proof your diet and lifestyle

Wed 25 Sept, 2-3.30pm

Patrick Holford, Founder of the Food for the Brain Foundation and the Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Brain size is shrinking, IQ is falling, mental health problems are rising.

One in six children are neurodivergent, many with autism or ADHD. While one in four over 80 have pre-dementia – memory decline is happening for many in their 30’s. One in four adults are on anti-depressants, sleeping pills or tranquillisers.

Join us to learn how to optimise your brain for better mood, memory, sleep and stress resilience, and dementia-proof your diet and lifestyle.

Register here

If you have any suggestions for speakers or topics please get in touch with us by email. In the meantime, you can catch up on any talks you missed below or, better still, watch them again.

Previous Events

Demystifying retirement housing: Options and costs

Kathleen Dunmore, Policy Advisor to the Retirement Housing Group (July 2024)

Kathleen Dunmore Retirement housing slides part 2.pdf (656.57 KB)

Making plans for the future from home, for free

James Norris, Founder of My Wishes and Digital Legacy Association (June 2024)

James Norris Making Plans slides.pdf (5.49 MB)

Living with purpose: The key to longevity, happiness and global change

George Lee, Newcastle Centre for Innovation on Ageing (April 2024)

George Lee Living with Purpose Slides.pdf (11.53 MB)

Reduce your risk of dementia

Sir Muir Gray CBE, one of the world's foremost experts on ageing (Mar 2024)

Recording coming soon

Retirement housing: What to consider and how to choose

Kathleen Dunmore, Policy Advisor to the Retirement Housing Group (Feb 2024)

Kathleen Dunmore Retirement Housing Slides.pdf (559.15 KB)

Artifical Intelligence and You in 2024

Barry Claydon, u3a AI Subject Advisor (Jan 2024)

Barry Claydon AI Presentation Slides.pdf (8.66 MB)

Protecting ourselves from fraud

Neil Freebury, Head of Intelligence, The Insolvency Service (Nov 2023)

This event was not recorded

Being brain healthy: how our thinking skills change as we age and what we can do about it

Prof Alan Gow, Heriot-Watt University (Oct 2023)

View Recording

Working for a Wales where older people are valued, rights are upheld and no-one is left behind

Heléna Herklots CBE, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales (Sept 2023)

View Recording

Our future and technology: What might happen in the next 25 years?

Jean Jackson, Regional Trustee for West Midlands (May 2023)

Jean Jackson Technology Transcript (302.05 KB)

Future-proofing our Homes for our Future Lives

Jeremy Porteus, CEO of Housing Learning Improvement Network (April 2023)

Jeremy Porteus Future Proof Home Slides (3.24 MB)

The Future of Ageing

David Sinclair, International Longevity Centre - how the ageing of the world's population will have a major social and economic impact (March 2023)

View Recording

Our Homes for Our Future

Janet Sutherland, Chair of Future Lives - key findings from our housing questionnaire and experiences of members who have made changes to their homes or moved home (Jan 2023)

View Recording

Learning is the Elixir of a Healthy Life

Sir Muir Gray CBE - what we know about living longer and the interaction between ageing, loss of fitness, disease and ageism (Dec 2022)

View Recording

Designing a World for Everyone

Professor Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art - how design can improve our lives (Nov 2022)

View Recording

The Secrets of Ageing Better

Professor Janet Lord, University of Birmingham - what happens when we age, and ways in which we can all "age better" and stay healthier for longer (Oct 2022)

View Recording

Our Homes for Our Future Questionnaire

Will your home support your independence in the years ahead?
Perhaps you will need to adapt it in some way?
Have you thought of moving? If so, what do you want?

The sooner we plan for our future housing needs, the better the outcome – the right home can add 5 years of independent living.

We encourage you to grab a cuppa and set aside 10 minutes to complete this online questionnaire:


Take our questionnaire


By completing the questionnaire, we hope this will encourage you to think about your present home and carry out any changes you think you may need, or consider what you may want if you may need to move. If enough of us fill it in, we may be able to use our collective voice to influence and widen the choices available to us.


Get in touch

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Future Lives group, please email us.

To stay up-to-date with everything we're doing you can sign up for our newsletter.

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