U3A National Research Database Examples Of Enquiry-Led Learning In Interest Groups

Many local interest groups are carrying out research, they just don’t always call it that. There are dozens of Local History groups studying their local area and often producing books or other publications, as well as scores of WW1 groups researching war memorials, but a lot of other groups that you might not suspect of research are producing some interesting results.

 Group  U3A  Research Subject  Research Database Link
 Architectural  Diss  Follies, grottos & crinklecrankle walls in East Anglia.  Projects in Diss U3A
 Architecture Appreciation  Kingswinford  Researched their favourite buildings in Dudley town centre.  Projects in Kingswinford U3A

 Armchair Travellers

 Life Story

 Bexley Research area or country for each meeting.

 Reminiscence of holidays, linked to worldwide changes in leisure, transport and politics – book produced.
Projects in Bexley U3A
 Enquiring Minds  Wooler  What do the residents of Wooler want to happen to the old Police Station? – results sent to council. Projects in Wooler U3A
 Geology  Alnwick  Understanding of local geology through research on the Northumberland coast - book produced. Projects in Alnwick U3A
 Latin  Stratford on Avon  Translated the London underground map into Latin, Londinium Subterraneum, presented to Mayor of London. Projects in Stratford on Avon U3A
 Lifelong Learning  Salford  Recollections of VE Day – Book produced.  Projects in Salford U3A
 Living Memories  York  Life histories collected to preserve experiences and ways of life which would otherwise disappear.  Projects in York U3A
 Natural History  Dorchester & Purbeck  Recorded the plants of the parks and open spaces in the local area.

 Projects in Dorchester U3A
 Projects in Purbeck U3A

 Practical Philosophy  Northampton  How individuals can influence the direction society takes by ten ways of becoming politically active.  Projects in Northampton U3A
 Photography  Redditch  Collaboration with Redditch Historical Society on a visual history of Redditch.  Projects in Redditch U3A
 Quilting  Faringdon  Quilted panels representing Faringdon’s history, presented to the Mayor.  Projects in Faringdon
 Reminiscence  Brightlingsea  Produced several booklets based on life and work of older people in Brightlingsea.  Projects in Brighlingsea U3A
 Walks into History  Wokingham  Shared their research by walking routes to see past features, and how Shiplake grew with the arrival of the railway.  Projects in Wokingham U3A
 Wildlife  Burnham on Crouch  Observation of glow worms over several years. Projects in Burnham on Crouch U3A
 Writing  Woking  Interviews with people at a day centre – book produced. Projects in Woking U3A