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My aim is to help those setting up new groups and to encourage and support existing group leaders. Contact me if you encounter problems. Let me know too, when something has gone well. If you find a book, a method or a one-off exercise that works for you, it is likely to work for other groups too. So tell me about it please, so I can share your ideas with others, perhaps in a newsletter.

Starting a New Creative Writing Group.

1. Check with your U3A Committee that they agree to the starting of a new group. They may  be able to help with publicity for it, a venue & advise on timing to fit-in with other interest groups. They may already have a note of people who would like such a group.

2. Try to limit the group size to 10 or less. At this stage, you may be looking for members. Approach existing groups within your U3A like the book club, poetry, literature or storytelling for likely writers if this is the case.

3. The usual format for groups is that at the end of a session a topic/writing prompt is given to be written on by next time. Good not to lay down rules, especially at first, so a poem or story or an article are all acceptable. At the next session, people read out their work for comments from the others. Go easy on this until the group start to feel comfortable with each other, but say something or people feel their efforts have been wasted. Keeping numbers down allows time for everyone to read, but make clear it’s fine to come along if you haven’t been able to write this time. Try to allow time for a writing exercise during the meeting (lots of ideas in the Handbook...see point 5).

4. Download the current newsletter at the bottom of this page full of ideas, reports, competitions, news from other groups.

5. Order a copy of the Handbook for U3A Creative Writing Groups (£2.50 inc p&p) from the online shop.

6. Let me know you have started a group, so I can add you to the mailing list so you receive future newsletters/mailings.

7. If you have questions about starting-up which are not answered by this page or the Handbook, e-mail me about them and I will try to help.

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